Privacy policy

Protecting and maintaining the personal data of the visitors of the exhibition, which is one of our top priorities, a statement and privacy policy provides an explanation of how we collect personal information and ways of using it. Subject to terms and conditions


Use the information

The exhibition uses your registered information for several purposes, including, but not limited to, allowing you to enter and use the site, providing a specific service for you, the ability to ask questions to the participants or see services and products, and communicate directly with the participants, send updates and news, prepare statistics and reports, improve Website performance, services and other other uses ..


Secure and protect your data

Coffee and Chocolate Virtual Expo will take all technical and administrative reasonablilty to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information.


Intellectual property rights

Copyright ownership of this website and its contents are reserved for the default Coffee and Chocolate Virtual Expo holders (including without limitations from any content including: text, website programming, design and images, audiovisual content).


Publishing license

Coffee and Chocolate Virtual Expo has granted you a license to view this website and its contents on a computer or mobile phone via a web browser, publish or save this site and its contents to your device's memory, and it is not permissible for those registered in the workshops or in the accompanying conference to record or photograph them to avoid legal issues.


Participating content

All that is displayed on the spaces of the participating entities and the responses and recommendations of the Coffee and Chocolate Virtual Expo, disclaimers


Amendments to the information privacy and confidentiality policy

We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy and the Privacy of Information if necessary and when appropriate.



Your concerns and concerns about the confidentiality and privacy of the data are very important for us. We hope this will be achieved through this policy.