Terms and Conditions

The vocabulary referred to here means the meanings shown corresponding to it, as follows:


Exhibition: Coffee and Chocolate Virtual Expo.


User: The natural person registered on the site for the purpose of using it.


Virtual exhibition site: a virtual exhibition and conference platform remotely with the participation of a selection of coffee and chocolate authorities to offer their services and marketing their products as is on the ground, in addition to a number of specialized workshops and an accompanying scientific conference.


Website: Coffee and Chocolate Virtual Expo website.


Information: All information related to numbers that are viewed or expected to be available on the website.


Usage limits:


  •          Registration on the website and applications are available, and there are a number of workshops with fees, exclusively for marketing and educational purposes.




The exhibition has the right at any time, at its own discretion, to:


  •          Amendment or increase in terms and conditions at any time, and such amendments or increases shall take effect immediately upon their announcement by any means, unless another effective date is specified.
  •          Amendment to any of the electronic and non-electronic procedures and methods for the purpose of the site's work.
  •          Take any decision related to the temporary or permanent suspension of the site's work and the availability of its services, and determine the time of the validity of this decision.
  •          Unsubscribing any user for any reasons without notice.




  •          The user acknowledges that all information provided during registration is complete, and correct.
  •          The user must keep the username and password in a safe manner, and ensure that no other user logs in, and the user is fully responsible.
  •          The exhibition may send marketing messages to the subscriber for any of the services and any of his addresses entered in the registration form.


Exhibition disclaimer:


  •          The exhibition does not guarantee the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any of the information available on the site, and accordingly the user acknowledges that the exhibition is not responsible for any compensation, consequences or claims arising from that.
  •          The availability of information and contents on this site does not constitute any offer, invitation, promotion, advice, recommendation or any guarantee or representation of any kind, whether expressly or implicitly stipulated, and it should not be taken as a legal document or reference in any of its aspects, All information, products and services offered are subject to all applicable rules, regulations, terms and conditions and subject to change without notice.
  •          The exhibition does not represent or endorse the accuracy, correctness or reliability of any advertisement or the quality of any information, materials, products or others that are displayed on the site.
  •          The exhibition is not responsible in any way for the links, content, merchandise, and services sold or available, and is not responsible for any problems that may arise from their use. The user is responsible for all actions he or she undertakes while using it for any of the websites he visits through these links.
  •          The exhibition is keen to provide the highest quality for the purpose of operating the site, but it does not guarantee in any way that there is no defect, failure, interruption or interruption in the services of the site, and is not responsible for any damages or consequences as a result.
  •          The Coffee and Chocolate Virtual Expo does not represent or endorse the accuracy, authenticity, reliability or quality of the offers posted on the virtual exhibition site. This responsibility lies entirely with the provider of these advertisements and offers.



General Provisions:


  •          The user is considered to agree to these terms and conditions once registered on the site.
  •          The application of these terms and conditions shall be subject to the regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and its courts shall have jurisdiction to hear disputes arising thereon.
  •          The exhibition reserves the copyright and any other intellectual property rights in all the contents of this website and in the symbols, it contains, or those rights that obtain permission from its owner to include it on this site.
  •          The exhibition has the right to use the information entered by the subscribers in any statistics and share it with any other parties, except for the personal information.
  •          For users who registered in the workshop program, it is strictly forbidden to register or photograph the workshop.

Intellectual Property Protection

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Third Party Websites

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Use of Content

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